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Infinity Bathroom Mirror LED 3D L3D

249,00 GBP
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A mirrors with a 3D depth effect

The dimensions of the mirror Width x height
Thickness 30mm
Thickness of the glass pane 4mm
Current consumption 7,2 W / m
Service life of LEDs up to 15 000 h
Number of LEDs and energy class 30 / m energy class A++
LED color You can choose from 20 available. Remote control included.
Protection degree IP33
Mounting accessories included Yes
Warranty Yes, 2 Years
Notice Mirrors with depth effect are not suitable for mounting the add-ons offered in our store.
2 years

Change the backlight color. Mirror with a 3D depth effect.

A mirror with a 3D depth effect presents itself perfectly as a modern interior equipment. A fresh design will serve well in all circumstances. The innovative technological process allows to create an amazing effect of depth.

Multifunctional remote control. A mirror the way you want it.

Each mirror is accompanied by a pilot that provides features such as:

  • Turning the illumination On/Off
  • Regulating the light intensity
  • Selection of one of 20 available RGB colors
  • Controlling the color of the LED backlight
  • Selection of the demonstrative mode

The range of the control is 10 m. When the backlight is turned off, the mirror functions as an ordinary mirror.

Polished and ground edges. Emphasis on safety.

The edges of the mirrors are ground to give them an appropriate shape. This guarantees safety during mounting. Mirror surface polishing is done in order to obtain the desired smoothness and shine.

Safe delivery. The mirror will arrive fully intact.

Our priority consists shipment at the planned date and intact delivery. Each mirror is packed in high quality reinforced cardboard, and our cooperation with well-known courier companies guarantees that the mirror will be delivered on time.

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No problems. Arrived as expected and goods as described.

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