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Mirrors Round

LED illuminated mirrors in various shapes for your bathroom. We offer round, square, rectangular and rounded LED mirrors. Choose the perfect shape to enhance your unique interior design.
Type of room - Bathroom ✖
Type of room - Hall ✖
Type of room - Living room ✖
Type of room - Dining room ✖
Mirror Shape - Round ✖
Mirror Shape - Irregular ✖
Line - AmbientLine ✖
Line - PremiumLine ✖
Line - Decor ✖
Line - Coloured ✖
Line - Mirrors Hanging ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖

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A custom-made round LED mirror is a great decorative piece for your bathroom, hallway or dressing room, but also a practical addition that can make your daily routine more enjoyable.
Discover round illuminated mirrors that you can customize according to your needs and requirements with a clear and intuitive configurator.
The classic round bathroom mirror is an essential tool for daily face and body care to styling.

LED illuminated mirror - just the way you need it!

LED illuminated mirror - just the way you need it!
As a manufacturer, we will customize the ordered product according to your requirements.
A heating mat to prevent mirror fogging will keep your LED mirror clear even after a long, hot shower. The Wi-Fi weather station will allow you to check the time, temperature and weather without leaving home. Choose an LED mirror with a tablet that allows you to use your favourite apps while in the bathroom.
A huge number of additional accessories in the bathroom mirror will make your daily use of the mirror more enjoyable and easy.
Choose from a wide range of sizes from 50 cm to as much as 100 cm!

Products from Artforma

You can also find dozens of other products such as lighted cabinets, decorative mirrors and entire bathroom sets in our online round mirror store.
In our products, we pay great attention to product quality and customer satisfaction. Each mirror is made to individual customer order.
Brighten up your bathroom with the Artforma brand.


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