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About us

Who are we?
The Foram company, also known as the brand Artforma,
is the leading manufacturer of LED illuminated bathroom mirrors in Europe.
Constantly developing production process along with vast experience in the market guarantee high-end quality products
with unlimited potential of modification to customer’s needs.
always open
years in business

The best – what does it mean?
Our offer of LED illuminated mirrors has been perfected to the point where the most demanding customer leaves satisfied. Mirrors customized to fit the buyer’s needs, made with utmost precision, a wide array of functional additional features, as well as the possibility to choose the type and color of the light, are just few among our assets.
We have an experienced Customer Service that takes great care of our clients and does it quickly and accurately. No question is left unanswered.
Thanks to the internet retail, our client can return the product in 30 days without bearing any costs. There is also a possibility of exchanging an unsatisfactory product for another, new one.
Availability guaranteed

Mirrors offered by our company are manufactured by our brand from the very beginning.
The production starts with the moment of placing an order. This is why the chance of an order becoming impossible to fulfil because of the product shortage is non-existent.

We follow the trends
Our products introduce a modern and timeless style to your room. A vastness of patterns and a unique design of mirrors ensure that the product is always a perfect fit with ever-changing trends in interior design.
Many clients from Europe trusted Artforma brand’s quality
Clients from all around the Europe are satisfied with the products of Artforma brand. An increasing number of them makes purchases every day. We conduct our sales throughout almost all of the continent and beyond.
Sincerely, Artforma team