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Mirrors Oval

LED illuminated mirrors in various shapes for your bathroom. We offer round, square, rectangular and rounded LED mirrors. Choose the perfect shape to enhance your unique interior design.
Type of room - Bathroom ✖
Mirror Shape - Oval ✖
Line - AmbientLine ✖
Line - PremiumLine ✖
Line - Coloured ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖
Mirror orientation - Horizontal ✖
Mirror orientation - Vertical ✖

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Modern oval mirrors that will change your space

Do you want to change the arrangement of your interior and give it a slightly different, extravagant look? Start with accessories and choose theoval mirrorArtforma, which will completely change your apartment. Our offer includes decorative mirrors of various shapes. The unusual ones are particularly popular. Oval mirrors withLED lightingguarantee your eyes a perfect aesthetic experience. Choose the model that best fits the style of the interior.

LED lighting for your mirror

Mirrors with LED lighting it is not only a practical solution, but also a decorative element that adds style and elegance to the entire room. The Oval mirror is particularly popular due to its modern look. LED lighting ensures proper facial illumination during care activities. Moreover, it is very energy-efficient. In this way, oval mirrors with backlight are not only a practical, but also an ecological choice for your bathroom.

Non-standard shapes

Oval mirrorsare definitely a bold step towards arranging a non-standard interior. If you don't like boredom and are looking for innovative decorative solutions, choose an oval mirror that will delight your guests. Our offer includes products with vertical or horizontal orientation. Remember that oval horizontal bathroom mirrors will require more space on the wall. They will look best in a room with a large space, thanks to which the mirror will not disappear into the background, but will be properly exposed.

Possibility to choose the dimensions of the mirror

Oval mirrorsmade to measure are an ideal solution for people who value originality and unique solutions in their interior. Thanks to the possibility of selecting the appropriate dimensions and type of mirror surface, they can be perfectly matched to the individual needs and style of the apartment. Oval mirrorsgain elegance and timeless character, introducing a subtle touch of luxury to any interior. The oval form of the mirror is perfect for a bathroom, bedroom or living room, depending on its size and style.

What room does an oval mirror fit into?

Oval mirrorcan fit into different rooms, depending on the style and decorative function you want to give it. In the bathroom, anoval mirrormay look good over the sink, especially if it's a smaller mirror that doesn't take up too much space. In the bedrooman oval mirrorcan be an interesting decorative element above the dressing table or chest of drawers. In the living room, it can add style and elegance if it is properly matched to the rest of the decor. Remember that it is you who decides on the arrangement of your interior.

Mirrors from the AmbientLine collection

The AmbientLine collection offers oval-shaped mirrors that are characterized by an elegant design and refined style. Thanks to the lighting placed around the perimeter of the mirror, this element appears visually larger. A characteristic feature of the collection is the diffused light that comes from the back of the mirror and illuminates the wall, creating an atmospheric atmosphere. This is an ideal solution for people who prefer subtle light that is not directed directly at the user of the mirror.

Mirrors from the Kolorowe collection

The Kolorowe mirror collection includes unusual patterned products with elegant and modern style. A characteristic feature of these products is an additional option that allows you to choose the color of the pane. It is an innovative way of decorating innovative interiors dominated by the most modern combinations of architectural styles. By choosing a mirror with your favorite color, you can be sure that no one will pass by it indifferently. Oval mirrorsfrom the Colored collection will significantly change the space around you.

Heating mat, i.e. protection of your mirror

The bathroom is a room where, due to high humidity, glass surfaces are often fogged up. We know a way to avoid this effect. When purchasing an oval mirror, equip it with an additional heating mat. It comes in various sizes - from a minimum of 20 × 30 cm to a maximum of 40 × 60 cm, depending on the size of the mirror and other elements that limit the surface of the glass. Once you turn on the heating mat, the steam will disappear quickly, giving you a clear picture. The device is easy to use and controlled using an additional touch switch.

Glass shelf as an additional element

Optimal use of space is crucial, regardless of whether your bathroom is small or you just want more space to store small accessories. We offer glass shelves with chrome handles that will perfectly complement your mirror and allow you to conveniently store cosmetics. The glass shelf is made of a solid and extremely durable material that is resistant to mechanical damage. This is a timeless accessory that will not only save space, but will also fit perfectly with your mirror.

A cosmetic mirror that will make everyday makeup easier

If you do your makeup in the bathroom every day, you have probably experienced a situation where your traditional mirror turned out to be insufficient. For better comfort in performing daily care activities, we have created a special cosmetic mirror, which is an additional part of the mirror. The three-times enlarged image and additional lighting will certainly improve the make-up process. Check how convenient it is!

A pleasant bath with music in the background

A mirror with a speaker function that you can connect to via Bluetooth? Sounds great, right? OurovalArtforma mirrors have just this function. Create a real SPA-like atmosphere in your bathroom and turn on your favorite relaxing music. You will see how pleasant it is to use additional functions that you had no idea about! We guarantee you high sound quality and the best sensory experience. You're probably wondering if the built-in speaker is visible... You don't have to worry about it because it is hidden behind a sheet of glass.

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