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Mirrors Loft

Type of room - Hall ✖
Mirror Shape - Rectangular ✖
Line - FrameLine ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top and bottom of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting on the sides of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting on the top and sides of the mirror ✖

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Loft mirrors - unique apartment decoration

A modern and functionally designed apartment is a place where you can rest after an intense day and gain strength for the coming one. The bathroom space should provide freedom during everyday activities and be a room where elegance and aesthetics are important.

Loft mirrors are a unique addition to any bathing room - thanks to them you can arrange a practical and elegant interior. Loft mirrors for the bathroom create a unique composition regardless of the size of the room - they look good in a large interior, as well as in a small bathroom, where every centimeter is worth its weight in gold.

Hanging loft mirrors can be successfully placed on a huge, empty wall and above the washbasin, above the bathroom cabinet, to create a practical corner for everyday toileting and convenient application of precise make-up. Their location in front of the entrance will make the bathroom more spacious, and hanging them opposite the window will help disperse natural light.

Large loft mirrors will therefore look beautiful both in a room in a block of flats and in a single-family house, and even in public places, such as offices and offices. They can be the main decorative element on the wall, or combine coherently with the color motif on the tiles, floor or with colorful arrangement accessories.

Loft-style mirrors are a unique tool to give the room even more elegance and make it the most frequently visited room by the household. You can choose a minimalist mirror with a narrow frame that will blend in with a heavily decorated wall. An interesting alternative will be a hanging mirror with a decorative frame, which will attract curious glances and give the space additional shine. LED loft mirrors are an interesting competition for classic mirrors, they increase comfort and serve users regardless of the time of day and the activities you perform.

Loft mirrors – for any type of interior

Loft-style mirrors have been popular for many years when arranging modern bathrooms. This is because loft mirrors for the hall or bathroom combine well with the long-fashionable industrial style - they will match solid wood furniture and steel shelves, metal shelves and bathroom cabinets in black or silver. Mirrors for the loft corridor look good with natural decorations, such as paintings in wooden frames, straw hangings or souvenirs from foreign trips.

Rectangular loft mirrors are suitable for bathrooms with classic, geometric walls and standard dimensions. They combine well with a rectangular washbasin countertop, but will also match a countertop washbasin and brass fittings. It is worth using large loft mirrors when designing a bathroom with a bathtub or when you want to introduce more light into the bathroom. By using a mirror that covers the entire wall, you will optically enlarge the space and make the light from the ceiling lamps reflect effectively, which will additionally illuminate the room, making it even cozier.

Loft mirrors for the living room or hall can become the main decorative motif in the room. Their presence on the main wall in the bathroom makes hygiene activities more convenient for adults and children. Loft-style mirrors can transform too dark interiors, and at the same time their form is minimalistic enough that they do not overwhelm with excess decorations. Use them in your dream bedroom if you want a coherent and calm arrangement. They will become a perfect element of the living room and kitchen equipment in black and white, and they can be complemented by kitchen accessories in gold or silver, copper or old brass. Loft bathroom mirrors will help level out disturbed proportions in a small interior, and will also work well when designing a bathroom with sloping ceilings or an arrangement in the attic.

Illuminated loft mirrors – comfort in your bathroom

Although it may seem that having a comfortable mirror in the bathroom is nothing unusual, in fact, selecting the right equipment to meet the individual needs of the household members is one of the most important tasks that are worth remembering when furnishing the apartment. Large loft mirrors will provide you with the highest comfort in your own home, regardless of whether you are in a hurry to work or have more time to relax in your favorite bathtub. Practical mirrors for the loft corridor will make it easier to put on and take off your outerwear when you want to feel elegant on your way to the office. Rectangular loft mirrors will appeal to users who want to break the routine in their apartment and at the same time gain a bathroom full of style and good taste.

Hunging loft mirrors from Artforma are modern and well-thought-out solutions for any room that respond to the various needs of household members. Our offer includes loft mirrors in various shapes and colors, so you can easily combine them with simple accessories or richly decorated bathroom equipment. Our products can cover the entire wall or fill part of a selected surface, where you can also place a flower stand, an interesting painting or a handy shelf for the most frequently used cosmetics.

The products we offer include illuminated loft mirrors, with a sensor or a built-in touch panel. Completed with designer accessories, LED loft mirrors also have an anti-fog coating. They can have an additional light source on one or several edges of the mirror, in a warm, cold or neutral shade. You can choose from versions of the product with a clock, a weather station or a Bluetooth speaker, thanks to which you can listen to your favorite music or news programs in the bathroom. For even greater convenience, you get mirror models with a functional glass shelf for perfumes or cosmetics. All this means that you will have no limits when designing the apartment of your dreams.

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