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Bathroom mirrors. Give your bathroom a unique look

Are you at the stage of designing your new bathroom for your apartment? Are you looking for attractive wall decorations, including mirrors that will be a decoration with a unique shape? Choose one of our models. Bathroom mirrorsin our offer provide positive visual impressions and are not associated with traditional mirrors. If you like original designs and electronic solutions, you will certainly choose something for yourself. Remember, an LED mirror for the bathroom does not have to be used only for viewing, it is also a decorative element of your wall.

LED mirrors for the bathroom

In our assortment allLED mirrorshave special lighting that comes in various forms. You decide what the effect will look like. Specially designed lights that allow you to perform precision tasks such as shaving, makeup or brushing your teeth. For this purpose, LED lighting is used in mirrors, which provides the right amount of light without glare. Decorative LED lighting allows you to create interesting lighting effects, which in turn affects the mood in the bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors - their shape matters

When choosing bathroom mirror, consider how much space you can allocate for it on the wall. This is very important because knowing the dimensions of the wall will allow you to adjust the mirror more precisely. Or maybe you will choose an irregularly shaped mirror? Our offer includes mirrors in oval and angular shapes. Oval or rounded bathroom mirrors have become popular. The rounded shape brings delicacy and harmony to the room, and its gentle lines give it a unique character and style.

Size of a bathroom mirror - how to match it?

Dimensions mirrors should be comparable to the dimensions of the washbasin or washbasin cabinet. This will create a harmonious look. The height of the mirror should be adjusted to the height of the bathroom users. Therefore, it should be placed at a height that will allow you to use it comfortably. If there is a lot of space in the bathroom, you can choose a larger mirror, which will add space and visually enlarge the room. In turn, in small bathrooms, it is better to choose a smaller mirror so that it does not overwhelm the interior. If you want the mirror to be more decorative, you can choose an irregular shape or a frame that will add character to the room. You can also choose the entire set at once - the bathroom mirror cabinet and mirror should match each other.

Custom-made bathroom mirrors

Our offer includes many sizes of LED mirrors, which will allow you to find a product that perfectly fits your room. LED mirrorsare available with dimensions such as 70 × 50, 80 × 60, 100 × 60, 120 × 60, 120 × 80, 140 × 60, 140 × 80 and even 200 × 100. In addition to aesthetic aspects, a custom-made bathroom mirror is also practical. Properly selected product dimensions will help visually enlarge the bathroom, which increases the impression of space and light. Thanks to this, a custom-made mirror can be a good solution for smaller bathrooms.

AmbientLine Collection

Bathroom mirrorfrom the AmbientLine collection is a perfect combination of modern style and elegance. Choose the matching shape of the LED mirror for your bathroom. Choose a product option with built-in LED lighting, which will be perfect for bathrooms of various sizes. The subtle and diffused light emanating from the surface will create a unique lighting effect. Thanks to this, the bathroom will gain a unique atmosphere. The illuminated LED mirror will add a unique atmosphere and create the mood you have dreamed of.

PremiumLine Collection

LED mirrors for the bathroom from the PremiumLine series offer unlimited possibilities for arranging a bathroom with a modern style. Our assortment includes as many as 19 different framed mirror decors that can be matched to bathroom furniture. The Premium series has been specially designed so that the light is directed precisely at the person standing in front of the mirror. Customers can choose from many decorations, including copper, black, white, gold and silver.

Decor Collection

We know how important it is to follow following interior design trends, which is why we created the Decor collection, which offersbathroom mirrorswith a decorative frame. In our configuration panel, you can select a palette and see how they look in all their glory. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to see what the final effect looks like. By choosing a decorative veneer, you will not only get a unique design, but also increase the mirror's resistance to damage and moisture. It's a very practical solution!

SlimLine Collection

Do you value innovative solutions during the interior design process? If so, great, because our offer includes completely new bathroom mirrors from the SlimLine collection. Mirror decorations are characterized by an additional cover. It is an innovative option for mirrors because it allows you to hide all additional elements behind an elegant cover. Moreover, this cover is characterized by high quality workmanship and resistance to moisture.

Wooden Frame Collection

We value ergonomic options for storing accessories. Bathroom mirrors from the Wooden Frame collection will perfectly fulfill this function because they have a frame with a built-in shelf for cosmetics. Thanks to this solution, you can store your most necessary bathroom accessories on it. Choose one model from 15 different decor colors and match the mirror with frame to the rest of the furniture in your bathroom. Get the effect of a luxurious bathroom with extraordinary accessories.

Lucas Collection

Do you want to go crazy with the arrangement of your bathroom? The Lucas collection is for you! Its products combine a mirror with additional shelves. This is a really practical solution, especially when you want to maximize the use of space. Thanks to this, you will have easy access to the most necessary accessories that you can keep on the lower part of the mirror frame. We offer three color variants of the mirror finish. Check which one will best suit your project.

Bathroom mirrors - frequently asked questions

What kind of mirror choose for the bathroom?

A bathroom mirror should be tailored to the needs of all your household members. The functionality hidden in this item is high comfort of use and aesthetics of workmanship, which enhances the value of the room. Most often, a bathroom mirror fills the space above the dressing table or washbasin. You can place them on the entire wall, which will visually enlarge a small bathroom. If you are arranging a small space or a room with an unusual shape, a good solution is a smaller mirror with LED lighting, supplemented with additional functions, such as a radio or a Bluetooth speaker.

How to light a bathroom mirror?

For a bathroom mirror to fulfill its function, it needs quality lighting. An alternative to classic ceiling lamps or wall sconces is an LED bathroom mirror with a special lighting panel built into the mirror surface. You can find the lighting element along the entire edge of the mirror or in part of it. Thanks to this, you can adjust the intensity of light and its arrangement in the bathroom to your own preferences.

At what height should you hang a mirror in the bathroom?

You can hang the bathroom mirror at eye level, a few centimeters above the sink. It should accurately reflect your face and much of your figure. If you have a small room, a mirror on the entire wall will give you greater depth, and you will optimally use every centimeter of the room. A mirror on a narrow wall will help equalize the proportions of your bathroom and create a three-dimensional effect.

What kind of mirror for a small bathroom?

During your daily toilet, a bathroom mirror makes it easier to perform routine activities, e.g. applying careful makeup. The perfect bathroom mirror for a small bathroom is one that combines the features of a classic mirror with a multifunctional device that helps you relax. An LED mirror with built-in lighting is a significant space saver for you. When choosing a mirror from Artforma, you can use the built-in Bluetooth speaker or weather station and SmartPanel, which will allow you to design your dream bathroom, regardless of its size.

Jak install a bathroom mirror?

You can install a mirror in the bathroom in two ways. Firstly, you hang it on the handles, and secondly, you stick it to the selected surface. You can attach the bathroom mirror using a special glue that allows you to mount the mirror on tiles, concrete, and furniture fronts. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the surface, spread the glue over the entire back surface and attach the bathroom mirror in the selected place.

Where to buy a bathroom mirror?

The modern bathroom mirror from Artforma is available in several finishing versions. A coherent whole will be created by functional furniture, cabinets and a bathroom mirror, which you will find in the store's offer. In addition to the classic LED mirror, you can choose a model enriched with the latest technologies. You can choose from mirrors with a sensor or touch switch, controlled by remote control or Wi-Fi. You can complement each design with a cosmetic mirror, a heating mat or a neat shelf for cosmetics that will help organize the space.

How much does a bathroom mirror cost?

The price of a bathroom mirror depends on its size, shape and additional functions, such as a weather station or weather station. An LED bathroom mirror with a built-in radio or clock will limit the number of objects in a small room, and you will keep your bathroom tidy. If you choose a bathroom mirror with SmartPanel, you can use your favorite functions in your home with one device, and after a long day at work you can relax in a well-designed bathroom.

What shape of bathroom mirror should you choose?

The choice of the mirror shape depends on individual preferences and the style of the bathroom. You can choose round bathroom mirrors that are delicate and elegant, rectangular bathroom mirrors that have a classic look, oval mirrors for a subtle effect or rounded bathroom mirrors that add a modern look to your bathroom.

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