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Bathroom mirrors with a shelf

A mirror is an essential element of bathroom equipment, serving not only a practical but also a decorative function. It is difficult to imagine the complete arrangement of this room without an appropriate mirror - it will not fully fulfill its function. Traditionally, the bathroom mirroris placed above the washbasin, but it can also be used in other parts of the bathroom. The mirror itself can also be equipped with a convenient shelf, which increases its functional importance.

Bathroom mirrors with a shelf are a perfect solution for any bathroom, and additional space for storage, e.g. cups of toothpaste or shaving utensils will certainly be useful to every household member. Moreover, if such a mirror is equipped with LED lighting, it will become an element of the bathroom decor, without which you cannot imagine this room. This convenient solution, which also gently illuminates the bathroom, is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of mirrors available on our website.

Bathroom mirrors with a shelf - perfect for small rooms

Mirrors play an important role in interior design process, performing three key functions: they illuminate rooms, optically enlarge them and constitute a decorative element that can completely change the character of the interior. By reflecting light, the mirror can illuminate dark interiors where little natural light enters. Narrow and tight spaces, such as corridors, will look larger and more spacious if we place a mirror in them. Contemporary mirror offers no longer focus only on functionality, but also on aesthetics and decorativeness. Our offer includes mirrors of various styles, widths and shapes, which makes them perfectly fit into various interior arrangements.

A mirror in the bathroom is not only a decorative accessory, but also an essential piece of equipment used every day. during body care rituals. However, in order to achieve a good visual effect and avoid unevenness when applying makeup, appropriate lighting is important. Standard bathroom lighting can create shadows, making it difficult for you to apply makeup or shave thoroughly. Therefore, it is worth replacing them with a mirror with backlight. LED lighting provides excellent illumination of the face and is very practical. However, classic LED mirrors may not be sufficient in small bathrooms where the space must be particularly well thought out. For such rooms, the ideal solution is a bathroom mirror with a shelf. In our store we offer bathroom mirrors in various sizes and styles, includingbathroom mirrors with a shelfand practical backlight. This option, as already mentioned, will be especially useful in small bathrooms where there is no space for additional furniture and each element must be functional and comfortable to use.

Bathroom mirrors with a shelf is an ideal solution for people who value practicality and comfort. A shelf placed under the mirror will give you additional space for cosmetics, toothbrushes or cups, e.g. with makeup brushes. Moreover, if such a mirror is equipped with LED lighting, it will optimally illuminate the bathroom, making it easier for you to perform daily care rituals. Thanks to such an element, the bathroom will gain new functional and aesthetic values.

Battery-powered LED mirror - what should you pay attention to when shopping?

When choosing an illuminated mirror for bathrooms, the key issue is its quality. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the materials from which it is made to make sure that it can cope with the difficult conditions of a humid bathroom. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, the mirror should also be functional and play its role well - both practical and decorative. When choosing a model, it is also worth paying attention to important technical parameters, such as the type of mirror, the type of LEDs used in a given model and the power consumption, which informs us about the energy consumption needed for lighting, expressed in watts.

When you choose a bathroom mirror with a shelf that is illuminated, important factors include power supply and connection method, which will affect your comfort when installing and using the mirror. When choosing a mirror powered by direct current, pay attention to the availability of an electrical block and wires with a switch. However, in the case of battery-powered mirrors, it is necessary to determine the power of the batteries that will be required for the mirror to function properly. You should also take into account the thickness of the mirror and the distance from the wall when installing.

The color of light, which affects our well-being and spatial feelings, is also an important factor when choosing an LED mirror. The last, but equally important aspect is the tightness class of the mirror, which should be selected at the IP44 level to ensure that the mirror will be properly protected against moisture and steam in the bathroom.

In addition, when choosingmirror bathroom with a shelfIt is also worth paying attention to whether it fits spatially in your bathroom. The dimensions of the installed shelf on which you will store items such as cosmetics or cosmetic accessories are also important. The shelf should be easy to clean and, depending on the material, resistant to factors prevailing in the bathroom, i.e. high humidity.

Bathroom mirrors with a shelf - the best at Artforma

In our online store Artforma you will find the highest qualitybathroom mirrors with a shelf, equipped with LED backlight. Mirrors are available in various sizes, which you can choose individually for your bathroom to create an interior that meets all your expectations. You will also find mirrors with various shapes of lighting strips, as well as models equipped with practical storage shelves. Each illuminated model is equipped with a top-quality rocker switch that allows you to turn the backlight on and off at any time. Comfortable, modern and durable - our mirrors will satisfy everyone.

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