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Round Backlit Decorative Mirror LED For The Living Room - Leaves

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1. Select mirror size and standard fittings

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Standard LED provides brightness and color adjustment, making it perfect for interior decoration and lighting. The lighting stands out by spotlighting the area behind the mirror.
Intensive LED is a modern solution ideal for places where strong and efficient lighting is needed. They also provide a smooth and aesthetically pleasing effect, illuminating the area around the mirror with a stream of light.
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Select your mirror finish style

2 . Select additional accessories
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Touch Switch
Just touch the switch to quickly and intuitively turn on or off the LED backlight in your modern mirror!
Sensor Switch
Turn on the lighting in your mirror completely touchless! All you have to do is move your hand!
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Select your mirror finish style

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Round Backlit Decorative Mirror LED For The Living Room - Leaves
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Decorative mirror
With LED backlighting
Timeless design

Timeless design

We have opted for versatility! Our carefully prepared color palette of designs allows you to perfectly match the mirror to the style prevailing in your room!

High quality print

Modern mirrors need innovative solutions. Decorative veneers do not only give the mirror a unique look, but also protect the mirror against damage and moisture.
Pattern palette

Pattern palette

Explore the wide range of dedicated designs for decorative mirrors!
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Just touch the switch to quickly and intuitively turn the LED backlight on or off in your decorative mirror!

LED lighting

The mirror is equipped with decorative LED lighting. It subtly illuminates the back of the mirror and the person standing in front of it.

Choose your illumination option:
  • Warm White 3000K
  • Neutral White 4500K
  • Cold White 7000K
  • Philips LED 6500K

Touch Switch

Touch Switch

Just touch the switch to quickly and intuitively turn the LED backlight on or off in your decorative mirror!

Sensor Switch

Sensor Switch

Do you value quick and convenient solutions? So do we! LED mirror with sensor switch allows you to activate the lighting in your bathroom with just a flick of the wrist!

The sensor operates at a maximum distance of 5 cm from the mirror.

Basic information:

Basic information:

Decorative element of the mirror

- Width: 10 cm

Backlight element of the mirror

- Width: 1 cm
Technical specifications
60-100 cm
31 mm
Thickness of the glass panel
4 mm
Width Width of the sandblasting
1 cm
Width decorative element
10 cm
LED lifetime
Up to 15 000h/ Phillips LED 45 000h
Number of LEDs and energy class
120 / m, A++, Lighting is of decorative nature
LEDs color
Warm White 3000K / Neutral White 4500K / Cold White 7000K / Philips LED 6500K
Power consumption
9,6 W / m
2 years
Protection rating

Living room mirror – style and functionality

The living room is the most important room in your home. It is therefore important to decorate them appropriately. The walls should reveal your unique sense of style. Artforma specialists suggest an idea on how to do it. A round leaf decor mirror is the perfect way to enliven the interior and give it a unique character.

It is obvious that the living room is where you will relax and regenerate after a long day. It is also often the room where you store your clothes. Leaves round LED mirror will be useful when trying on and planning outfits every day. In addition, it will be an original decoration. The pattern surrounding the mirror will effectively stand out against the wall, attracting the attention of household members and guests.

The round leaf frame mirror is available in various sizes - so you can plan in which corner of the room it will fit best. Variants are available from 60 cm to 100 cm in diameter.

Illuminated LED mirror. Why is it worth choosing them?

The round leaf decor mirror is not only intended to quickly verify the appearance. It can also warm up the living room and create a pleasant atmosphere. How is this possible?

Artforma specialists came up with an idea to increase the usability of the mirror by installing side LED lighting. This function provides even better illumination of your figure (especially in a dark room). That's not all - decorate your living room with light! Thanks to subtle illumination, the round leaf frame mirror will serve as a timeless decoration. It will also work well when you need a small light source to ward off the evening darkness.

The LED wall mirror has various LED colors - from cold, neutral, to warm and Philips LED. You also have the choice of turning on the backlight - touch or sensor.

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