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Battery Operated LED Illuminated Mirror L06

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1. Select your mirror size and standard fittings

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LED Color
The cold LED colour used (7000K) will illuminate your bathroom giving it a unique look!
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2. Select your mirror size and standard fittings

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Cosmetic Mirror
The cosmetic mirror will allow you to beautifully make up or precisely apply shaving foam.
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Battery Operated LED Illuminated Mirror L06
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Battery operated mirror
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Battery operated mirror
that meets your expectations
Battery powered
Battery powered

Thanks to the use of batteries, mounting the mirror is possible virtually anywhere. The battery-operated mirror is the ideal choice for places where there is no 230V power supply.

The mirror is powered by 8 batteries (batteries not included).

Mirror height Battery life
50 cm 180 h
60 cm 150 h
70 cm 128 h
80 cm 112 h
90 cm 100 h
100 cm 90 h
LED backlight
LED backlight
Thanks to advanved technology you can enjoy natural light and reduced power consumption. The lighting will make everyday activities, such as applying makeup or shaving, much easier. The applied cold LED color (7000K) will illuminate your bathroom giving it a unique look!

See what the mirror looks like when the backlight is switched on!

Rocker Switch
Rocker Switch

A reliable rocker switch is included by default in every battery-operated mirror. It allows the lighting to be switched on at a convenient time.
It is located at the bottom, near the right edge of the mirror.

Cosmetic Mirror Without backlighting
The magnification of the mirror
The magnification of the mirror
                            Without backlighting
Mirror Without backlighting
Diameter 12,4 cm
Diameter 12,4 cm
Cosmetic Mirror
Cosmetic Mirror

Cosmetic Mirror is the perfect accessory for those who are always in a hurry. It will allow you to beautifully apply your make-up or precisely apply your shaving foam. No more wasting time looking for your handy mirror!

Technical specifications

50 - 200 cm
50 - 100 cm
Protection rating
31 mm
Thickness of the glass panel
4 mm
Light output
120 / m
Energy class
Light output
LEDs color
Cold White - 7000K
LED lifetime
Up to 15 000h
Power consumption
9,6 W / m
2 years
The set consists of
Mounting accessories, assembly instructions
Type of mirror
LED backlight
Purpose of the mirror
Decorative, ornamental
Mirror shape
Rectangular Mirror LED
Preferred rooms
Bathroom, Living room, Hallway, Bedroom, Dining room
Properly prepared packaging ensures safe transportation to your home
Edge finishing
Mirror with polished edges

Battery-operated illuminated mirror – dot decor is an excellent choice

Simple, elegant, and at the same time very modern. These words can describe a battery-powered illuminated mirror. The dot decor placed on the surface of this mirror will give your interior a unique character. The above model was made of the highest quality components. You can hang it in the bathroom, hall, dining room and even in the living room. The rectangular LED mirror (dot decor) is made to order. You choose the height and width of the mirror yourself. So you can be sure that it will fit on your wall.

The battery-operated mirror (circle pattern) is powered by eight batteries, which are not included in the set - this type of lighting does not require access to a standard 230 V socket. The glass pane emits a pleasant, cold beam of light with a power of 7000 K. It allows you to illuminate a dark interior. and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Battery-operated mirror – a circle design that will never go out of fashion

We guarantee that a decorative mirror (dot pattern) will never go out of fashion. However, lighting will make it much easier to perform everyday activities, such as applying makeup or shaving. We know that women spend most of their time looking at themselves in the glass, so we can equip this mirror with an integrated cosmetic mirror with a diameter of 12.4 cm. It allows you to apply perfect makeup in the bathroom without access to daylight.

If you are wondering what the lighting control looks like in this model, we are in a hurry to explain. The battery-operated illuminated mirror (dot decor) has a rocker switch. It is placed at the bottom, at the right edge of the mirror, so you will have unlimited access to it.

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