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LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinet - L03 Emily

koszyk 199,00 GBP
LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinet - L06 Emily

koszyk 199,00 GBP
LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinet - L55 Emily

koszyk 199,00 GBP

Designer backlit LED Bathroom Mirror L60

koszyk 189,00 GBP
Round backlit LED Bathroom Mirror L98

koszyk 219,00 GBP
Round backlit LED Bathroom Mirror L97

koszyk 219,00 GBP
219,00 GBP

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Impressive bathroom mirrors

We offer crystal clear bathroom mirrors, including delicate or intense lighting. Our products are an ideal, impressive decoration of every bathroom. Customers arranging new interiors or refreshing their current arrangements may choose from an impressive list of accessories. The available options make sure that every bathroom mirror becomes a functional gadget improving the comfort of using the bathroom.

3D bathroom mirrors

We have introduced 3D effect mirrors to our portfolio, providing an even better optical effect. The use of a special LED diode configuration led to a fantastic depth effect, expanding the interior visually even better than a standard mirror. An ideal match for small rooms. It also looks impressive in bigger spaces, where the depth effect is even more profound.

Bathroom mirror cabinets

Answering the trends in bathroom arrangements, we have prepared a special line of bathroom cabinets, the fronts of which are finished with LED diode backlit mirrors. We offer two- and three-panel cabinets. The front mirrors may be provided with all extra accessories from our rich list of equipment. We encourage you to discover the available designs of these modern smart cabinets.

3D top table

We have used a 3D mirror with an impressive depth effect as a coffee table top in order to use our interior finishing solutions valued in the sector. The ability to adjust the light intensity and colour ensures an excellent decorative effect, guaranteed to impress every user.

Accessories turning the bathroom mirror into a fashionable gadget

In response to the needs of bathroom mirror users with LED lighting, we have introduced the following accessories to our portfolio.

Buy a bathroom mirror of just the right size on the Internet

We offer bathroom mirrors with designs optimised for arrangement of modern interiors and related to traditional, classical styles. All products with selected accessories may be ordered directly via our website.

The page of every model provides an intuitive form, enabling selection of the optimal size of the new bathroom mirror, the lighting type, the switch type and accessories. The user may check out all configurations of size and accessories. The prices of all elements are indicated in the form. The total price of the mirror in the given configuration is continuously updated.

Secure shopping in our certified bathroom mirror store

We are a manufacturer of bathroom mirrors. Many customers have trusted us. According to the customer service policy effective within the company, the comfort and security of customers buying our mirrors are our priority. Thus, we have decided to undergo external certification provided by a body evaluating customer service quality and legal aspects of sales in terms of Internet customer safety.

In 2018, our company has passed the evaluation of eCommerce vendor trust offered by the international Trusted Shops body. This certificate and our participation in the service quality monitoring programme provide our customers with additional benefits. The ability to use a warranty securing money spent if the product is not delivered and the vendor refuses a refund is one of the most significant customer benefits.