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  • SMART LED Mirror

    SMART LED Mirror

    Watch movies, listen to music, check the weather, world news and more, Configure your dream Smart LED Cabinet.

  • Bathroom Cabinet

    Bathroom Cabinet

    Choose and configure a Bathroom Cabinet with a LED illuminated mirror.
    Practical space - decide on the colour of the décor and match the cabinet to your arrangement.


Various forms of mirrors

Mirror Decor
Mirror Decor
Bathroom Cabinet Sarah
Bathroom Cabinet Sarah
Mirrors Irregular
Mirrors Irregular
Mirror Retro
Mirror Retro
Decorative Mirrors LED
Decorative Mirrors LED
Mirrors Hanging LED
Mirrors Hanging LED
Choose a mirror finish style
  • PremiumLine

    Our premium LED mirrors are designed for people who want precise lighting for their face and high clarity. Thanks to the solid mirror frame, available in 19 colours, the light falls in one direction only, without creating the effect of wall reflections. The clear contour of the frame gives the room a dignified and expressive feel.

  • FrameLine

    Our LED mirrors from the Frame line are dedicated to people who put on class and elegance. Thanks to the mirror's solid frame, which is available in many colours, light falls in only one direction without creating wall reflections. The clear contour of the frame makes the room look dignified and expressive.

  • AmbientLine

    The most sublime mirrors in our collection are smooth, transparent panes without frames. The delicate shapes of the mirror will bring lightness to any bathroom, and thanks to their decorative nature you will create a unique atmosphere in your bathroom. Fancy LED lighting leaves a glow on the wall, exposing the mirror in an amazing way.

  • Round Backlit LED Bathroom Mirror
  • Bathroom LED Mirror With Shelves
  • LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinet Sofia
  • Round Backlit LED Bathroom Mirror

    Practical accessories

    The mirror can be fitted with optional accessories. You will find useful gadgets such as a touch switch, LED watch or optional cosmetic mirror built into the mirror surface.


    Enjoy a unique character

    The delicate shapes of the mirror will bring lightness to your bathroom, and you can create a unique atmosphere thanks to their nature. Modern LED lighting leaves a glow on the wall, displaying the mirror in an amazing way.

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  • Bathroom LED Mirror With Shelves

    Everything within reach!

    Multi-directional functionality combined with a striking appearance. Practical, illuminated mirror with integrated shelves and additional accessories of your choice.


    Multiple housing colours to choose from

    Easily match the colour of the mirror housing to your bathroom décor.

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  • LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinet Sofia

    Practical space

    A forward opening cabinet. With the LED mirror cabinet, you'll have a practical place to store your accessories. All the items you need during your morning routine always at hand.


    Multiple housing colours to choose from

    With a choice of cabinet colours, you can easily match the décor of any bathroom.

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Why Artforma?

Choose an established European manufacturer that has been in the market for over 20 years. Each mirror is a separate story - thanks to a developed system of configuration, we allow our customers to customize the product to their liking. Decide on every element of your order and transform your interior with a mirror for the 21st century. Custom size, backlight colour, interactive mirror with your favourite apps? It's possible!


Mirror installed? Add a photo with the hashtag #Artforma_com to be among the thousands of satisfied customers!

dwa lustra okragle podswietlane led
lustro z glosnikiem
Podswietlane lustro lazienkowe LED z wlacznikiem
lustro dekoracyjne loft
lustro scienne
nowoczesne lustro
lusterko kosmetyczne
okragle lustro lazienkowe
lustro z glosnikiem bluetooth
lustro prostokatne z tabletem

Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are one of the most important pieces of equipment in any bathroom. To make them as functional as possible, it is best to bet on the illuminated ones! LED illuminated mirrors are an aid to performing daily grooming tasks. They work perfectly for both make-up and shaving. No more lack of good visibility. From now on, any make-up will be done with precision and shaving will be easier than ever before.

LED mirrors are the perfect energy-efficient solution

LED lamps have a long lifespan, are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. They contain no toxic materials and you certainly won't burn yourself with them - they produce a lot of energy but little heat.

Mirrors with LED lighting are extremely economical. LED bulbs last up to several years and draw much less electricity than regular bulbs, making them much cheaper to operate.

A bathroom mirror with LED lighting is a whole new quality to your morning routine!

Bathroom cabinets with mirror

When you have a small bathroom, every storage space is at a premium. Bathroom cabinets with mirrors are ideal in such rooms!

Two in one - bathroom mirror and storage for your most needed cosmetics!

The LED illuminated mirror mounted in the cabinet is perfect for daily grooming. Use it to illuminate your face and create the perfect make-up. The 100 cm long, 72 cm high cabinets fit into most bathrooms and will solve the problem of lack of space.


Decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors are the perfect addition to any interior, be it a living room, bedroom or bathroom. Exclusive mirror will add subtle elegance to your home and optically enlarge it.

LED lighted mirrors are the best choice possible!

We offer mirrors with frames of various motifs. The geometric motif will fit into a minimalist décor, while the jungle motif will add a unique character to any bathroom. Meanwhile, decorative flowers on the mirror frame will warm up the room and make it more colourful.


Additional accessories

A modern LED mirror can be enhanced with a variety of additional accessories to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

A bathroom mirror that doesn't steam up? Yes, this is finally possible! We designed our LED mirrors for those who are tired of poor visibility in the mirror and a fogged up surface.

Checking the time and weather will make daily outings easier.

The clock mirror will make getting dressed for the time of your choice easier than ever before.

Cosmetic mirror as a mirror accessory, Bluetooth and battery powered.

Enjoy your smart LED mirror uninterrupted!

For every size and shape

Looking for the perfect mirror for your home? That's perfect, you just found them! How do we have this certainty? Our mirrors are to any size and shape.

A mirror with LED lighting saves energy and money, and will last you many years without fail. Elegant, modern mirrors will add character to your interior, definitely worth betting on!

The variety of sizes available in our mirrors is a guarantee that you will find a mirror tailored to your needs! There are classic sizes perfect for the bathroom, living room, as well as more elongated ones for the hallway or anywhere you want to look through. Choose from the following sizes: 80 x 60, 70 x 50, 90 x 60, 100 x 60, 100 x 80.

The shapes of our mirrors can be whatever you need them to be! Round or only gently rounded to keep up with modern trends and soften sharp edges. Rectangular or square for those who love classics and elegance.

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