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LED Cabinet

With Artforma LED cabinets, you do not need to deprive yourself with the option of a modern mirror in your bathroom. The Cabinet fulfills the function as a backlit LED mirror and a place where you can store your most necessary items for everyday use. With a various models and colours and two-door or three-door versions, you can choose the perfect cabinet for your bathroom.
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Bathroom Cabinets

Are you looking for a cabinet with a mirror in fashionable shapes, over a dozen colour variants, which you will match to the needs of your bathroom? It's not a dream! The cabinet with LED mirror from Artforma will soon make your interior come alive again!


New generation ot the modern bathroom cabinet

A wall mounted bathroom cabinet is a thing that cannot be missing in any interior. Available in a variety of designs and with a wide range of amenities, such as a weather station, inductive charger, speaker, watch or practical USB port, it will make you reach a new level of comfort! A practical cabinet with an illuminated mirror can be equipped with a touch switch to increase and decrease the intensity of the lighting.
There is no doubt that the right bathroom cabinet will make your space comfortable and practical, and everyday relaxation after a day of confident duties will be even more enjoyable.
The cabinet from Artform is not just about technological additions and convenience. The practical cabinet with illuminated mirror also impresses with its LED lighting. It is environmentally friendly and has a long service life. With the ability to choose the type of lighting, it does not distort reality.


Mirror cabinet for the bathroom from Artforma


The bathroom hanging cabinet should be carefully matched to the possibilities of the room. In our offer you will find up to 6 variants. Each differs in shape, height and type of shelves.
Adjust the product to your needs and apartment size. Any doubts? Our experts will dispel them so that the LED mirror cabinet will soon make your bathroom an aesthetic and fashionable place!"

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