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Bathroom Furniture Set - Bueno

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Bathroom Furniture Set - Bueno
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  • TallWallMountedCabinetAltText
  • WashbasinAltText
  • WallMountedCabinetAltText
  • Tall Wall Mounted Cabinet



    Height: 144cm
    Width: 35cm
    Depth: 35cm
    Resistant: to moisture


  • Washbasin



    Width: 60cm
    Depth: 45cm
    Material: Marble


  • Wall Mounted Cabinet



    Height: 55cm
    Width: 60cm
    Depth: 44,5cm
    Guides: Soft-close
    Handles: Milled
    Resistant: to moisture


Choose a bathroom furniture set in one of the two available color options

Match It To Your Bathroom:

Choose a bathroom furniture set in one of the two available color options:

Complement the set with a LED Mirror:

The recommended mirror dimensions for the bathroom cabinet set: 90x60

Choose your mirror!

Bueno bathroom furniture set , i.e. modern cabinets with a washbasin

For a set of cabinets with a Bueno washbasin consists of a hanging cabinet with a washbasin and a post. The whole thing is visually coherent. The big advantage of this set is that you don't have to look for a washbasin yourself, because if you choose a ready-made Bueno bathroom furniture set , you just need to mount it in the selected place.

The furniture has milled handles that make the entire structure look modern and aesthetic. In turn, soft guides close translates into silent closing. If you focus on high quality workmanship, it is worth choosing these bathroom cabinets because the set is resistant to moisture. The washbasin is made of conglomerate, a material that is particularly durable and resistant to any scratches or cracks.

Bueno cabinets with a washbasin - perfect for small interiors and more

Due to the hanging structure, a set of cabinets with a Bueno washbasin can optically enlarge the space. Thanks to this, you can easily reach under the furniture with a vacuum cleaner or a mop . That's why this type of construction makes it much easier to keep the room clean and hygienic.

The cabinets fit any interior design style: from classic, through Scandinavian, to modern. For elegant interiors, it is worth choosing a gray matte finish, while a more timeless solution is white gloss. Bueno , a set of bathroom furniture , comes in two color variants. Choose the one that best suits the character of your interior!

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