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Closet - Marie

519,00 GBP
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Dimensions of the cabinet: 110 x 60 x 33 cm
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Price: 519,00 GBP
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Other products

Accessory shelf
Additional space has been arranged at the top of the cabinet to provide the user with extra space for small accessories.
LED lighting
As it is a key attribute of our products, our closet with a walk-in-closet function would not be complete without it. The lighting is installed inside and outside, performing practical functions, facilitating daily use.
Ancient oak
Alpine White
Quality Guaranteed
Cabinets directly from a renowned manufacturer. Many years of experience has translated into the development of the product that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Practical pull-out hanger – comfortable to use. A place for your everyday clothes. Installed in the middle of the cabinet width.

Accessory shelf
Additional space has been arranged at the top of the cabinet to provide the user with extra space for small accessories. Opening the upper part of the cabinet is blocked if you select the Wi-Fi weather station or the watch
LED color

The lighting fulfills an important task in our products. Thanks to advanced LED technology you can enjoy natural light and lower the energy consumption. The product is equipped with 7000K cold LEDs for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Touch Switch
The backlight switch is installed in the middle of the mirror width at the bottom edge. The touch switch allows you to adjust the light intensity. The light intensity can be changed by holding down the button. The switch is included in the standard equipment.
Wi-Fi station

Indicates the indoor and outdoor temperatures (in Celsius or Fahrenheit). The weather is displayed based on the location using a Wi-Fi system and a sensor located in the upper part of the cabinet, invisible to the customer. Additionally, the station measures air humidity and atmospheric pressure. The weather station is constantly powered, which makes the device work continuously.
Size on the surface of the mirror: 16 cm x 7 cm

LED Clock
A digital clock is a subtle and functional gadget that turns out to be useful in any situation and will help you control time during your daily routine. The touch icon of the clock functions as a touch button, which is used to change the displayed time and its format (12 / 24 h).

The dimensions of a display on the mirror surface: 7 × 1.5 cm.
White backlight.
The clock is installed on the upper surface of the mirror in the middle of its height and width.
Safety deposit box

Keep your valuables in a safe place!


- A safety deposit box opened with an electronic code or key.
- The front door is made of 4 mm thick steel. The safety deposit box was designed for the most valuable items that require special protection.

Total dimensions of the safety deposit box:
- Height – 17 cm
- Width – 23 cm
- Depth – 17 cm

The safety deposit box is powered by 4x AA battery

The batteries are installed on the inside of the safety deposit box.

Bluetooth speaker
Enjoy music in any room with two speakers invisible to the user. The range of the receiver is up to 10 m.
Technical details
Width x Height
60 x 110 cm
LED lifetime
Up to 15 000h
Number of LEDs and energy class
120 / m, A ++
The lighting is decorative
Protection rating
Yes, 2 years
Power consumption
9,6 W / m
Thickness of the glass pane
LEDs color
White Cold 7000 K
The set consists of:
Mounting accessories, product designed for cleaning mirror surfaces.
Product weight
33,30 kg
Weight with packaging
40 kg

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