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LED Mirrors

Designer backlit LED Bathroom Mirror L74

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Bathroom mirror
With LED backlight


Decorative LED backlight creating a glow on the wall. Perfect solution for well-lit rooms.

Lightweight construction

Basic model made of light materials, ensuring easy installation.
LED lighting
Illumination serves an important role in our mirrors. Thanks to advanced LED technology, you can enjoy the natural light along with lower energy consumption. Wide range of LED colors allows us to customize the mirror to your requirements.
Dual color
  • Mirror controller allows you easy change of light intensity that you can easly dim or brighten it.
  • It is possible to change the color in a few steps – between cold (6500 K) and warm (2800 K) white.
  • The remote control allows you to store 4 different lighting configurations.
  • DualColor remote controler replaces the mirror backlight switch.
Touch Switch

Just touch the switch to quickly and intuitively turn on or off the LED light in your bathroom mirror!

  • Installed near the bottom edge of the mirror, in the middle of its width.
  • The touch switch also allows to adjust the light intensity. Light power is changed by holding the button pushed.
  • The switch is illuminated independently of the mirror illumination.
Sensor Switch

It allows to switch on the lighting without touching the mirror!

  • Sensor range: 10 cm.
  • For the switch to work properly, the sensor should be at least 20 cm from any obstacles.
  • Product not available in PremiumLine mirror
Control Via Remote Or Application (Wifi)

A set that allows you to control the backlighting through a wireless remote control or dedicated application. The mirror can be integrated with a voice command system such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

WI-FI Weather Station

The Wi-Fi weather station will keep you up to date with the current time, temperature and weather in your location. Adapt your clothing to the conditions outside.

  • Size on the surface of the mirror: 16 cm x 7 cm.
  • Indicates the indoor and outdoor temperatures (in Celsius or Fahrenheit).
  • The weather station is permanently supplied, which means it stays lit up continuously.
  • The configuration of the station is done by means of a mobile application from a mobile phone.
  • The weather station is permanently supplied, which means it stays lit up continuously.
Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your favorite music while taking a relaxing bath. The speakers in the mirror make it possible to play music from your smartphone.

  • The Bluetooth module has a maximum range of 10 m.
  • The speakers are invisible to the user, installed behind the surface of the mirror.

Integrated system of gradual heating of the mirror surface - no more foggy mirrors. Controlled by a dedicated touch switch.

  • The heating mat is mounted in the middle of the mirror surface.
  • The heating mat prevents the mirror from steaming. The area of operation of the device depends on the configuration of the mirror (size and selected accessories such as a station / cosmetic mirror). The minimum size of evaporation is 20x30 cm and maximum 40x60 cm.
Technical details
50-200 cm
50-100 cm
Thickness - AmbientLine
Thickness - PremiumLine
Thickness of the glass pane
Protection rating
Number of LEDs and energy class
120 / m, A++
Lighting is of decorative nature.
Light output
Neutral white 1020lm / Cool White 1020lm / Phillips LED 1500lm
LEDs color
Neutral white 4500K / Cold white 7000K / Phillips LED 6500K
LED lifetime
Up to 15 000 h / Phillips LED up to 45 000h
Power consumption
9,6 W / m
Yes, 2 Years
The set consists of:
Mounting accessories, product designed for cleaning mirror surfaces

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