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Bathroom Mirror with LED light - WoodenFrame

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Bathroom Mirror
LED Lighting
Thanks to advanced LED technology you can enjoy natural light and reduced power consumption. The lighting will make everyday activities, such as applying makeup or shaving, much easier.
Timeless style and top-class finish. Wide range of frame colors allows to match the mirror to any bathroom
Shelf Function
The bottom part of the frame can be used as a shelf to create useful space for bathroom accessories
Halifax White
Halifax Tabak
Tyrols Blue
San Marino
Alpine White
Quality Guaranteed
Mirrors directly from a well-established manufacturer. The years of experience have contributed to the development of a product that satisfies even the most demanding customers.
LED lighting

Choose your illumination option:

- Neutral white 4500K

- Cold white 7000K

- Philips LED (6500K)

The possibility of choosing the color of backlighting of the product allows you to customize it to match the climate of your room.

Sensor Switch

It allows to switch on the lighting without touching the mirror. The switch reacts to hand movement under the bottom edge of the frame.

- Sensor range: 10 cm.
- For the switch to work properly, the sensor should be at least 20 cm from any obstacles.

SmartScreen by Samsung

Download apps and use them while you're in the bathroom, controlling them with the included remote or your own smartphone.

Watch your favorite movies and series on Youtube, Netflix, HBO and many other available platforms. Listen to your favorite music with the included wireless speaker from SONY.

  • High quality display with dimensions of 21,9 x 13,7 cm (10") and 1080p (Full HD) resolution.
  • Remote control SONY and bluetooth speaker included.
  • The display can be mounted on the right, middle or left side depending on your preference.
  • Touch control is not possible.

Wi-Fi Weather Station
The Wi-Fi weather station displays the time, temperature and current weather for your location. Configuration is done by a dedicated mobile app on your phone. The weather station is illuminated independently of the mirror lighting.

- Size on the surface of the mirror: 16 cm x 7 cm.

Touch clock
Don't worry about being late. A clock with LED display allows you to control the time during your morning routine.

- The clock icon functions as a touch button, which allows to change the time and its format (12/24-hour clock).
- The clock is illuminated independently of the backlight switch.
- Size: 7 cm x 2 cm.
Induction Charger
The induction charger allows for wireless charging of your mobile phone - just place it on the battery symbol on the right side of the mirror shelf.
Demister Pad
The demister pad heats up the mirror, so that the surface does not fog up even after a long bath.

- Pad area: 30 x 40 cm.

- The mat is activated with the illumination using a sensor.

Bluetooth Speaker
Enjoy your favorite music while taking a relaxing bath. The speakers in the mirror make it possible to play music from your smartphone.
Technical details
Usable shelf depth
10 cm
LED lifetime
Up to 15 000h / Philips LED up to 45 000h
Number of LEDs and energy class
120 / m, energy class
The lighting is decorative
Protection rating
Yes, 2 years
Power consumption
9,6 W / m
width of the backlight
3,5 cm
LEDs color
Neutral white 4500K / Cold white 7000K / Phillips LED 6500K
The set consists of:
Mounting accessories

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